Funeral Photography – you must be joking?

Actually no we are not joking, Lens Flair Photographic cover funerals.

Why, because more and more people want to think of a funeral as a celebration of a life that has ended, not a time to mourn.
Also with the advent of the global family, there may only be 3 occasions on which complete family’s get together; christenings, weddings and funerals.

The photography is not morbid. Lens Flair Photographic don’t photograph the service, or the coffin moving behind the curtains or being lowered into the ground.

We will take photographs of the cort├Ęge ( many people request strange vehicles these days ) the flower arrangements and images of the people attending the wake.

Lens Flair Photographic can provide a photo montage of the persons life from infant hood, through to later adult life. This is presented in a wide mount for guests to sign and leave a message. The family can then have this framed at a later date.

Many people when hearing of this service say “Oh no I could not do that”. Then a month or so later we hear “I wish we had chosen to have this service. All the flowers are gone and we have no permanent reminder left.”

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photo montage from lens flair photographic

An example of a montage from Lens Flair Photographic

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