To all the blog spammers out there.

Trying to get free advertising, or use my blog for boosting your sites profile is not why this is here.

Just had a cheeky attempt at posting to advertise a supposed site for finding wedding photographers in a completely different part of the country.

Fortunately all posts here are moderated before publication so it isn’t happening.

The only sites to get the benefit of posting here are my own and other local businesses and organisations that I support.

Lens Flair Photographic

New sample wedding Albums available 13th January 2011

Lens Flair Photographic wish to advise brides and grooms that their sample wedding albums for 2011 have now been produced, have left the Castle in Italy, on their way to sunny Spalding in Lincolnshire.

Any brides to be wishing to view please do not hesitate to email or ring.

Full contact details on the website

Dog portrait Photography day at Holbeach Dog training Centre – More details

The date is 12th September 2010 12 Noon until 4PM
Venue Holbeach St. Johns Village Hall

Activities include

Dog show with various classes


Agility and Scurry runs

Fun and Games



And of course Lens Flair Photographic taking portrait photographs of your dogs.

Looking forward to a fun day.

Contact Holbeach Dog Training Centre through their website for more details.

Lens Flair Photographic

Gallery for the St. Barnabas Midnight Walk 2010 now published.

Gallery now published here

Copies may be purchased either as a electronic file (jpeg) or physical prints can be supplied.

A donation will be made to the charity for every purchase made.


Lens Flair Photographic.

Amended date for Pet Portrait Photography day, Now 12th September 2010

In conjunction with Holbeach Dog Training Centre
Lens Flair Photographic will be running a Pet Portrait photography day on Sunday 12th September 2010.
The sittings are free, you only pay for the prints.
More details to follow. Keep checking website and the blog.

See a photograph you like then order a copy for yourself.

That’s right. If you see a photograph on the site that you like, give Lens Flair Photographic a call and find out how much a copy will cost you.

Portraits of family, friends, pets any thing you like (as long as it is legal of course).

Price is dependent upon print media used i.e. photo paper, canvas, acrylics, even printed on a mug.

Sizes up to A3+ printed in house on our professional quality printer. Other sizes printed by specialist print companies.

Really like that holiday photo you took, then ask us to process the image and print a quality long lasting version.

contact us for details.

01775 660393

Lens Flair Photographic

Interesting Product Photography day.

Spent today photographing products for a personalised stationery and Wedding Favours company.

Lightning and thundestorms apparently can set of my wireless flash triggers, as whenever the heavens opened, the flash units kept firing on their own.

Busy day lots to check through.

Examples to follow as soon as possible.


Lens flair Photographic

Product Photography for a world leading company based in Spalding

Lens Flair Photographic have supplied some product photography shots for a world leading company, based in Spalding.

The company is Antony Dannecker Harmonicas as used by all the greats in Blues, Folk, Rock and by many celebrity musicians.

Users include

The Late Larry Adler
Jean “Toots” Thielemans
Charlie McCoy
Bruce Willis
Andy Garcia
Sigmund Groven
The Yardbirds
Paul Jones
Arlo Guthrie
Huey “Power of Love” Lewis
Mark Feltham ( Nine Below Zero )
Paul Lamb ( & The Kingsnakes )
Charlie Musselwhite
Mike Harding
Joe Brown
Rolf Harris C.B.E.
Vivian Stanshall
Dame Evelyn Glennie O.B.E.

Just waiting now for the call to Hollywood to take a portrait of Bruce Willis (as if!!)

St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice Midnight Walk 9th July 2010

Some photos from the night, when the lovely ladies of Spalding go on a sponsored walk ending around midnight.

All to raise money for the St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice

Some of the photos can be seen below. A larger gallery will be on the main Lens Flair Photographic Site soon.

Click on the images to see a larger version

Funeral Photography – you must be joking?

Actually no we are not joking, Lens Flair Photographic cover funerals.

Why, because more and more people want to think of a funeral as a celebration of a life that has ended, not a time to mourn.
Also with the advent of the global family, there may only be 3 occasions on which complete family’s get together; christenings, weddings and funerals.

The photography is not morbid. Lens Flair Photographic don’t photograph the service, or the coffin moving behind the curtains or being lowered into the ground.

We will take photographs of the cort├Ęge ( many people request strange vehicles these days ) the flower arrangements and images of the people attending the wake.

Lens Flair Photographic can provide a photo montage of the persons life from infant hood, through to later adult life. This is presented in a wide mount for guests to sign and leave a message. The family can then have this framed at a later date.

Many people when hearing of this service say “Oh no I could not do that”. Then a month or so later we hear “I wish we had chosen to have this service. All the flowers are gone and we have no permanent reminder left.”

Please Look at the appropriate section of the Lens Flair Photographic website and then contact us for more information

photo montage from lens flair photographic

An example of a montage from Lens Flair Photographic